The people who want to help their peers through the intermediary of our association can do it by means of volunteering. For more information, please contact the phone numbers listed in the “Contact” section or send an e-mail.

Thank you!

“I noticed that 2011 was marked the year of volunteering and how a diversity of people (of different professions, ages, even belonging to different political parties) forgot about the daily pretentions, to be a part of ecological, medical and humanitarian projects without expecting for a benefit, and only from the desire to provide support in events with happy endings. What can be more inspiring for the human soul than the emotion felt after doing “a good deed” having no interest? This is in fact the essence of volunteering. During our activities we meet with reserved persons who are asking themselves “does she want money?” or “what do I have to gain from this?” Well, NO! The essence of volunteering does not rely on financial donations, or in following personal advantages. Through volunteering, we, the members of the association, understand only to share our own experience on a certain topic; to stand by people when they are in need and need you, to assist and involve in projects aimed to bring back to life the hope sometimes lost due to the diagnosis – cancer. In our vision, volunteering becomes the promotion of a positive mindset, of an altruistic lifestyle.

If you are skilled in a certain sector and you have an idea that you want to put into practice and help the people in need, do not find excuses such as the lack of time, or the feeling of tiredness, try to help someone! You have nothing to lose, you will surely gain a lot! It is enough to know that your intervention brought a patient closer to the solution of his problem. There are times when what seems a trivial intervention for you, can be something unheard of for the person close to you. For this reason, we should get involved in voluntary activities.

Our little effort can be for the people close to us a chance to life! (Cristina Cimpu)”




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