The World Day of Fight against Cancer – February 4, 2012

On Saturday, February 4, 2012, The Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfânta Ana” and the University “Constantin Brâncuşi” in Tg—Jiu marked the ”World Day of Fight against Cancer” through the organization of a symposium aimed to bring together the institutions and bodies from this sector and others related in the fight against cancer. The works presented at the symposium were opened by the representatives of the association and by the reader of the University “Constantin Brâncuşi” in Tg-Jiu, Mr. Adrian Gorun, who assured everyone present that the institution he is representing gets totally involved in such projects, through which the people that are in difficulty can be helped. Among those who gave a speech we can list: the President of the College of Physicians Gorj – Mrs. Ana Bãleanu, the Head Physician of the County Health Insurance Fund – Mrs. Luciana Roventa, Mrs. Cristina Cimpu – psychologist, Mr. Grigore Bunaiasu – Director of the Red Cross – Gorj Subsidiary, Mr. Mircea Andrei – the President of the Association of Disabled Persons in Oltenia, Mr. Cosmin Balan Dumitrascu – protopope of the church in Tg-Jiu North (that will assist the spiritual counseling of the patients) , Mr. Dan Malaescu – the dean of the Faculty of Social Work within the University “Constantin Brâncuşi” Tg-Jiu, Mr. Dinu Blendea – primary oncologist physician of the County Emergency Hospital Tg-Jiu. Many physicians, students of the Faculty of Social Work as well as collaborators of the Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfânta Ana” were present at the symposium. It could be noticed a continuous increase in the number of cancer cases, underlining the importance of prevention and the early detection of the pain. The new discoveries in terms of the drugs appeared and the methods of therapy in oncology have also been presented.
The participants totally agreed that the existence of a body in Gorj is necessary, a body that should be the ring between the factors that can involve in the fight with the cancer and the consequences of the disease, expressing the willingness to cooperate in this respect.

Program of the symposium


The University “Constantin Brâncuşi” Tg-Jiu

The Gorj County Council

The Town Hall of Tg-Jiu Municipality

The Local Council of Tg-Jiu Municipality

The Public Health Directorate Gorj

The County Health Insurance Fund

The College of Physicians Gorj

The Red Cross Gorj

The North Church from Gorj

The Association of the Disabled Persons

Acces TV

Radio Accent

Radio Omega

Radio Tg-Jiu


Gazeta de Sud

Gorj Domino

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