Founding members

Dr. Aurora Şandru – Head consultant, general practice, being able to localize the source of pain and also to do a general ultrasound.
“Our organization is close to every sick person, from our desire to help, just on time, by any means, in order to increase life expectancy, the hope for a better life. Any means must be sought to fight against the disease once it has installed, because the disease can be defeated. As a family physician I insist on the patient’s examination by the doctor, right from the first suspicion of any type of disease. I showcase the importance of the annual examination that the patients mentioned on the lists, which they must undergo with the doctor they choose. We must all fight – patients and physicians, to defeat the disease that can take any dear person away from us”.
Dr. Vlad Rotaru – Head consultant, general surgery, having super-specializations in oncologic surgery and hepatic surgery, the Oncologic Institute “Alexandru Trestioreanu”, Bucharest.
“The reason for setting up this organization is simple – a debt of honor towards the population. During my activity, I have had the chance to see the impact the cancer diagnostic has on the life of the sick people, of their families, as well as the total state of confusion on the future, of the treatment and diagnostic methods available. I admit that, through its organization, all the health system does is to bring its contribution to this state of uncertainty of the patient. The main goal of such an organization is to inform, guide and solve the health problems of the patients that face this difficult period of their life.
I must say that a cancer diagnostic does not equal a condemnation to death – there are currently very effective treatment methods, particularly for the most frequent types of women cancer (breast, cervix). The essential and necessary condition for the cure is early detection (namely the detection of the disease at early stages, when neither secondary detection, nor the invasion of the neighboring organs occurred). This is the reason why, starting from a certain age, every person must periodically undergo a series of medical analyses, that are intended to detect cancer, which is signalled by pain only in advanced stages and not at early stages.
Daniel Andrei – licensed in social assistance and special psychopedagogy; the president of the Romanian Association of Haemophilia
“If many times we have the feeling that it is difficult for us to deal with life when we have no health problems, you can imagine how hard it can be to deal with a serious disease and with the complications appeared during the treatment, which is in fact a challenge for each patient. There are few things in life that prepare you to cope with the powerful feelings that overwhelm you the moment you are troubled because of a serious health problem. Suffering from haemophilia, I understand quite well what suffering is. Moreover, I happened to see the confrontation not only with a stressful situation, but the confrontation with the fragility of life and with the reality of a sudden change that appeared in Bogdana’s life. Now she dedicates her activity in an attempt to help the others. Being first of all sick people, we have a good reason to seek help and assistance for us as well as for the others. For this reason, I feel honored that I can be part of a team built by a fighter – someone who lived to the very detail the drama of the sick person and for which “to help” became part of her life”.
Eng. Bogdana Costoiu – President of the Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfânta Ana”
“The health care system is as it is. Many times all it does is to divide people. Two groups are formed: patients and physicians. This is not normal, irrespective of the reasons or excuses of one or of the other group. If the system is rotten, we should not blame the others, but we should build. From my point of view, an organization (or foundation, association or any other name it may have), must create connections between doctors and patients and vice versa for a better world. Did you happen to see the movie “Pay It Forward!” starring Kevin Spacey? The idea is brilliant and should inspire us all (it’s about a student who has as homework to make this world better. He helps a man, asking him in his turn to do 3 good deeds. And thus, the phenomenon becomes ample). I think that in order to have a real life we must evolve and this means being better.”



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