Florentina’s story 2011

Christmas, a very significant holiday for the Christians all over the place, brings the need of harmony in everybody’s souls and homes. We all think overnight at the joy of the dearest ones. We rediscover the joy to give and we are looking to surprise the happy smiles of the people close to us.

Florentina is the teenager who instead of thinking about Christmas carols or about the dress that she will wear at the New Year’s Eve party, passes through the bleak corridors of the Institute of Oncology in her wheelchair, hoping that at every door that opens, a physician could tell her “That’s enough, now you are feeling better! The treatment gives results!” We are talking about a remarkable teenager who through her optimism, got two serious hits this summer: in June she was diagnosed with leukemia and in July she became paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair; still, she did not lose hope. She strongly believes in her healing and she is dreaming that she can walk again. Florina has always been used to the worries as her mother has been blind for many years. All these years helping in the household was no difficult task for her, it is more difficult now because she is prisoner to her chair depending on some blood infusion pumps.

We can get inspired from her optimism because on the eve of Christmas, more than ever, we like to believe in wonders, and Florentina is one of the persons who have this faith.

Florentina is from Gorj, but she has been admitted to the Oncologic Institute in Bucharest months ago (since August 2011). The physicians allowed her parents to take her home only for few days during the holidays period. She is the only child of her parents and her mother is blind.

If you want to give her a lift or help the family in any way you want and can, please contact us to bring you into contact with her family. Thank you!

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