Board of Directors

President – Bogdana Costoiu
General Secretary – Daniela Mircea

Cristina Cimpu (2011): “I’m a psychologist in a faraway town of an anonymous country on the world map and known in Europe as a “developing country”. Few months ago a woman aged 39 came to the practice after an aggressive treatment with cytostatics and radiotherapy. Although she was physically weakened, spiritually she showed an unexpected force for a “victim of the disease of the century”. Thus, I was not surprised when she told me that she hadn’t come for guidance, but because she had another type of need:
– Before being diagnosed with breast cancer, she had passed through a period of depression due to some personal problems. She asked herself many times during the day: Do I still want to live? If YES for what reason? Shortly after she started to feel sick physically and following the first investigations she found out the diagnostic: BREAST CANCER. She got the news as a gift, a divine answer to her question. Now she had the chance to choose: to fight for life or wait to die? And she chose the fight. Soon after this moment she saw how difficult it was to be a sick person in Romania; that it is almost impossible to benefit from medical assistance without qualified information, knowledge, recommendations from specialists, people that you can trust. This way, the need revealed itself. Once the therapeutic program prescribed ended, after she had experienced the medical horror, she redefined her system of values. She wants to live in a smaller and more modest house, she has limited material needs, she is no longer interested in the latest novelties in terms of apparel… she wants to do something useful, before leaving this life. And she took steps for establishing a non-profit oncology association, named “Sfânta Ana”. To be able to do this, she made a change involving her house (she moved in a smaller apartment) and with the difference of money she paid taxes for legalizations of documents and the mileage required by everything that Romanian “bureaucracy” means.

What was the need of that woman who showed up in my cabinet, full of optimism? For me to agree to become a founding member of the association (she did not ask for money) only because, in case of her death, she wanted to know that someone would continue her information and support for the sick persons suffering from the disease whose name some people do not even want to utter – CANCER.”



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