November 5, 2012 – Free examinations in Tg-Jiu

Many persons suffering from cancer benefited on Monday, November 5, 2012 of free examinations offered by a physician specialized in vascular surgery from Bucharest. The examinations have been granted through the Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfânta Ana”; patients having specific problems, already registered in the database of the association, were programmed. Sick people having other diagnostics than cancer have been also consulted, namely patients who had vascular affections and whose state of health or financial situation makes it difficult for them to be transported in other medical centers. The physician who helps the organization by providing free examinations is Dr. Oana Udricã – physician specialized in vascular surgery – the Emergency Clinical Hospital “Sfântul Ioan” in Bucharest. The practice in Tg-Jiu where the examinations took place was made available by Mrs. Aurora Şandru and the sanitary materials have been provided free of charge by the company Arkitec Style.
The medical exam from the vascular point of view and the proper treatment, when needed, are necessary for the people diagnosed with cancer, particularly during the chemotherapy period and further. The aggressive substances contained by cytostatics (that are administered through perfusions, intravenous) lead to the serious deterioration of the veins but also to other affections. Even after few sessions of chemotherapy, the veins from the hands of many suffering people are so affected that the veins from the legs or even a central catheter are used to apply the perfusion.
This type of problems usually continues in most of the cases after the end of treatment with cytostatics, the recovery of the veins being a long process that can last for years.
Dr. Oana Udricã shall help from now on the suffering people in Gorj county, but also in the neighbouring counties, examining several times a year in Tg-Jiu the persons who have vascular affections and who are on the list of the Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfânta Ana”.
DR. OANA UDRICĂ: “I want to help the patients from the area, particularly because my origins are from Gorj county but also because there are no specialized physicians in vascular surgery in Tg-Jiu. I’ll do my best to periodically examine the patients with health problems from this area.”

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