The Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfânta Ana”

Announces the working hours of the head office in Unirii Street. 2nd building, gound floor (the building where the CFR Travel Agency is located, vis-à-vis the Central Market, the back entrance- near the playground).
Registrations for free of charge examinations are done in Tg-Jiu and Bucharest:

1. Head consultant general medicine

2. Head consultant surgery- The Oncological Institute Bucharest – dr. Vlad Rotaru

3. Head consultant gastroenterology- dr. Ion Bãncilã – the Fundeni Clinical Institute Bucharest

4. Medical consultant vascular surgery – dr. Oana Udricã – the Emergency Clinical Hospital “Sfântul Ioan” Bucharest

5. Other medical specializations/ radiology.

6. Psychologist

7. Support groups

8. Spiritual guidance

9. Outdoor sports games

10. Recreational activities (theater, trips, lecture, manual art, etc.)

Tuesday: 16.30- 18.00
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: upon appointment (0040733652597)

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