February 4, 2013 – The World Day of Fight against Cancer

February 4 is known by all the people as the World Day of Fight against Cancer, a day when all the people of the world are expected to stand united in order to prevent or fight with this disease. The Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfânta Ana” starts on February 4, 2013 a vast information campaign on the three types of cancer, a campaign that shall be carried out this year in the high schools from Tg-Jiu, Gorj county, wishing to include more schools in the county and also at the national level. The campaign shall be carried out under the form of a contest. Thus, the information campaign of the students will be followed by the organization of a contest between high schools on sanitary education topics concerning the vaginal, testicular, breast and pulmonary cancers, the risk factors, the behaviour that allows the cancer to appear but also the one that avoids the appearance of the oncologic diseases.

Within the events carried out to mark this day, the Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfânta Ana” organized on Saturday, a trip to the Lainici Monastery; 15 persons with oncologic affections participated, the event being considered as a psychological counseling, respectively group therapy/ support group that the association is currently carrying out.

We list below the thoughts of some sick persons that have fought the cancer and survived:

“When you find out that you are suffering from cancer you feel that the world stopped. You have the feeling that everything has come to an end. But it is not like that. It’s important to gather all your energy and start the fight. Because for most of us, the cancer can be defeated. The main thing is that, no matter how hard it is and irrespective of how many times you want to give up, you should remember that there have been others who have fought and survived” (Stoian Amalia, Lavinia Pisc, Cosor Mara, Brujan Ileana, Borhina Camelia, Cazacu Viorica)

Especially for February 4, 2013, Mrs. Viluţa Vãduva, a survivor for more than 28 years of three different cancer diagnostics (at 18 – the non-Hodgkin lymphoma, then mammary neoplasm stage III B, being followed by axillary tumor) has written a poem that she dedicated to all those who lived the same drama and succeed to overcome it, maybe, day in, day out.


We are here few or many,
Winners alive
We step fearfully on the long road,
Steeped in tears and hope.

From flowers, rays and stars,
I gathered a rainbow,
Full of diamonds and color,
That I’ve put today in your hair.

Shine, be beautiful,
Like a bride from stories,
Be it girlfriend, daughter- mother,
Or sister if you are, you should live.

We should not pay tribute on this disease,
With the price of innocence, a calvary,
We should fight, be masters
And life we’ll get as gift.


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