The association aims to carry out the following activities:
a) To draw up fliers, postings, brochures, publications and other informative materials.
b) To inform, educate and raise people’s awareness about cancer and other diseases.
c) To organize professional training courses, seminars, conferences, public debates, public health programs, as well as marches, public manifestations and other activities in order to have an impact on the public opinion, all this without breaking the law.
d) To reduce the psychological and socio-economic impact on patients with cancer and other categories of sick people through services of psychological, legal counseling and subsequently material and financial support.
e) To defend the rights and interests of all patients as well as of human dignity.
f) To encourage the right of free expression in terms of the rights and civil liberties
g) To create and develop its own programs but also work in partnership with the public authorities in the country and from abroad, non-governmental organizations, cultural institutions, public institutions, firms, companies, state and private companies.
h) To organize camps, cultural, recreational, occupational activities.
i) To involve volunteers in the activities of the association, in order to reach the goals set.
j) To provide support, assistance and care to the people suffering from cancer but also to other categories of sick people.
k) To facilitate the access of the sick persons to the services of accommodation, assistance, support, meals.
l) To grant free access to medical services.
m) To purchase and provide spaces with specialized equipment.
n) To financially support the members, the staff, the volunteers in order to participate in courses.
o) To create and develop projects with internal and external financing.
p) To develop economic activities that should support the functioning of services organized at the level of the association.
q) To initiate, prepare and apply legislative regulations in line with the goal of the association.




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