We thank all who support us. We were very surprised to find in the account of the association, donations (2% or personal) of people that we do not know, from different regions of the country (Dimbovita, Dolj, Gorj, Bucharest, etc). We thank all who joined our cause and gave a helping hand to their peers. We wish you health and good

The donations can be made in the bank account RO12RNCB0289121586290001. Tax identification number: 28425613.
For the people who want to donate our association 2% of the tax, please fill in the form 230 and submit it by May 15, at the Public Finances Directorate from your area or you can bring it at the head office of our association.

We ask the economic operators who want to help the people suffering from cancer through sponsorship to contact us.
Thank you!








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