The Romanian Association of Oncology ”Sfânta Ana” became a member of the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) with head office in Brussels.

ECPC is an international organization acting in the interest of the patients who have been diagnosed with different forms of cancer. It was established in 2003, it is the voice of the European community of the patients diagnosed with cancer and represents the interests of all the oncological patient groups. The European Cancer Patient Coalition vision is that all Europeans should be informed about cancer prevention, to have access to cancer screening, to early intervention and good quality treatment, to appropriate psycho-social support, as well as to facilitating the social reintegration of the cancer survivors. ECPC contributes to making changes in the legislative or regulating policies in the member states of the European Union in order to help with the optimization of cancer prevention, of early detection of this disease, as well as provision of treatment and patients nursing equally in the entire Europe. ECPC fights for all the cancer patients of the EU to have access to the prevention methods, to the early detection of the disease, to screening, as well as to information in terms of the ongoing clinical studies, but also of the appropriate treatment and the necessary nursing.

The Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfânta Ana” is a member of the European Cancer Patient Coalition, of the Federation of Cancer Patients Associations, as well as of the Alliance of Chronic Patients in Romania.


The Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfanta Ana” – partner in “Balkan Congress of Nuclear Medicine – Third Edition” 23 – 26 April 2014, Bucharest, Hotel Marriott.



         The Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfânta Ana”

Announces registrations for free of charge examinations in Tg-Jiu and Bucharest:

1. Head consultant general medicine
2. Head consultant surgery- The Oncological Institute Bucharest – dr. Vlad Rotaru
3. Head consultant gastroenterology- dr. Ion Bãncilã – the Fundeni Clinical Institute Bucharest
4. Medical consultant vascular surgery – dr. Oana Udricã – the Emergency Clinical Hospital “Saint Ioan” Bucharest
5. Other medical specializations/ radiology.
6. Psychologist
7. Support groups
8. Spiritual guidance
9. Outdoor sports games
10. Recreational activities (theater, trips, lecture, manual art, etc.)

Details related to the registration method can be found at the CONTACT section.



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