Balance sheet 2012

We thank all that have been close to our patients, our sponsors, the persons who donated 2%, the people we know and those that we do not know, but who chose to do, through us, an act of kindness to someone close to them. You can see below the balance sheet of our activity for 2012.
Balance sheet of the activity 2012
During 2012, the Romanian Association of Oncology “Sfânta Ana” succeeded to provide for free the beneficiaries with:
– More than 100 welfare reports
– More than 100 mammary, genital, abdominal and thyroidal ultrasounds
– Medical examinations for 210 persons (oncologic surgery, general medicine, dermatology, endocrinology, gynecology, neurology, pneumology)
– Quarterly examinations provided in Tg-Jiu by specialized physicians from the Oncologic Institute in Bucharest, the Clinical Emergency Hospital “Sfântul Ioan” Bucharest
– 4 RMN (MRI- Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and 12 tomographies at the Radiology Section of the Hospital “Regina Maria” from Bucharest
– Surgical interventions (Bucharest)
– Medical analyses/ medical analyses interpretation
– Psychological counseling/ group therapy/ support group for sick persons and for their families
– Guidance, permanent information for beneficiaries and peers
– Information in terms of the patients’ rights (counseling in the relation with the Health Insurance Fund.
– Preparation of files for the coinsured
– Purchase of medicines, co-payment of maintenance medicines for persons suffering from cancer
– Transportation for sick persons and companions on the route Tg-Jiu-Bucharest and return
– Transportation for sick persons and companions from their residence to Tg-Jiu and return
– Copy of medical documents – preparation of files
– Pilgrimages to Tismana Monastery, Lainici Monastery, Prislop Monastery with transportation and meal included
– The purchase of a wheelchair for the sick persons
– Different donations (1 computer, clothes, provisions, books and religious objects, etc.)
– Intermediation for donations/ sponsorship for medical investigations/ interventions/medicines
– We helped some institutions such as the Town Hall of Tg-Jiu Municipality, the Gorj Police Inspectorate, the Gorj County Council, the Vasiliada Association, the National College “Tudor Vladimirescu”, together with other sponsors, to offer presents for Christmas to our beneficiaries.
– The Dramatic Theatre “Elvira Godeanu” helped us offer hundreds of invitations to theatre performances within group therapy
– Intermediation for taking over of cases in press, interventions in the written press, TV, radio
– The support granted for oncologic topics carried out by other bodies.

Events organized:
– The symposium on February 4, 2012 – “The World Day of Fight against Cancer” in partnership with the University “Constantin Brâncuşi” in Tg-Jiu and the Town Hall of the Tg-Jiu Municipality
– The campaign “Say Stop Smoking! Cancer kills irrespective of age!” in partnership with the Gorj County Council – May 2012
– The World Day of Fight against Breast Cancer – October 1, 2012
– The Winner’s Day – December 7, 2012
– The first national oncologic conference in Gorj county “The importance of screening in cervix cancer. Good practices in the prevention and early tracking of cancer. Optimal methods of diagnosis and treatment in oncology”. – December 15, 2012 in partnership with the College of Physicians of the Gorj County, the Order of Medical Assistants Gorj, the Rotary Club Tg-Jiu
– The Christmas Prom for the people suffering from cancer – December 15, 2012
– The association carries out permanently activities of information and prevention in terms of the different types of cancer.
Press supported us with more than 80 appearances in the written press, TV and radio.

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