A healthy lifestyle for the prevention of the appearance of cancer

Modern medicine asserts that cancer cells are present in the human body, the disease being able to be triggered only in certain conditions.
The human body has the capacity to defend against these cells under the conditions of maintaining or bringing it back to the initial equilibrium.

We briefly outline few simple ways for the prevention of cancer:

– Maintaining a normal corporal weight through regular physical activities.
Most of the types of exercises (as swimming or even yoga) contribute to maintaining a positive general tonus being able to reduce the incidence of the cancerous diseases with 30-40%. The regulated physical activity contributes indirectly to the prevention of cancer through the fact that it has a positive influence on the corporal weight; that obesity is an important risk factor in the appearance of cancer is a well-known fact. Needless to say that sport protects the organism not only against cancer but also against other diseases caused by inactivity.

– The consumption of fruits, fresh vegetables and food rich in iron.
The menus made up mainly of aliments of vegetal origin provide a significant protection towards cancer. Generally, an increased consumption of vegetables accounts for a protective factor towards certain localizations of cancer cells. Particularly, the consumption of fruits, vegetables and legumes accounts for a protective factor towards certain forms of cancer disease. The consumption of vegetables and fruits contributes to the protection towards cancer directly as well as indirectly, through its effect on the corporal weight.

– The avoidance of smoking and alcohol consumption is an effective measure for the protection against the appearance of the cancer disease. Limitation, respectively the avoidance of alcoholic drinks consumption, is an effective measure for the protection against the cancer diseases. Smoking is the most important risk factor for cancer that we can reduce. This is responsible not only for the appearance of the lung cancer, but also for other types of cancer. One of the best methods to prevent cancer is to give up smoking or avoid taking it up.

We must not forget that diseases are tightly connected with our psychic and with the human mind, with our feelings, with the way we see the world. We hear more and more expressions of the type ”you are what you think” or “you are what you feel”. Well, they are not simple patterns, it is real, the mentality influences the somatic/ body. It has been proved that depression and anxiety, affections of the modern world, can be controlled through simple methods that determine us to turn more to nature and to ourselves. In other words, the way we think, the way we relate to ourselves and to the world around us, shall determine the quality of our health.

Lavinia Zorila (student, volunteer)

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