Breast cancer

Breast cancer can be detected before the appearance of the clinical manifestations, the early detection providing maximum chances for an effective treatment and a better prognosis. In Romania, only less than 10% of the new patients are diagnosed at an early stage.
Specialists recommend the following calendar in terms of the localization methods of the mammary neoplasm:
– Patients aged between 20- 39 years: the monthly self-examination of the breasts, clinical examination of the breasts every three years;
– Patients aged over 40 years: the monthly self-examination of the breasts, clinical examination of the breasts every year, annual mammography.
It is recommended to undergo the periodical medical examination of the young girls starting from the appearance of the first menstrual cycle taking into account the modifications of the endocrines that emerged over the last years and the number of mammary neoplasms discovered in young girls aged under 20.

Many persons do not know how to self-examine or do not do the self-examination correctly. During the temporary medical examination that the insured must undergo with the family doctor, the patient can ask for the clinical examination of the breasts if the doctor forgets about this. Although one in eight women risks developing breast cancer, the disease can also strike men.
As for the prevention of breast cancer, this can be done through:
– The elimination of the risk factors that can be modified and the taking up of a balanced healthy lifestyle (the avoidance of the exaggerated consumption of alcohol, giving up smoking, the practice of sport, the avoidance of hormonal therapy, not putting off to have babies, breastfeeding, the avoidance of a diet rich in fats.
– the observance of the recommendations for screening: the self-examination of the breasts, the clinical examination of the breasts, mammary ultrasound, mammography, (recommended if there are no suspicions only at the women above 40).

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