Breast cancer

Breast cancer can be detected before the appearance of the clinical manifestations, the early detection providing maximum chances for an effective treatment and a better prognosis. In Romania, only less than 10% of the new patients are diagnosed at an early stage. Specialists recommend the following calendar in terms of the localization methods of the […]

Cancer – a psychological approach

Through some of its characteristics, cancer remains one of the diagnostics with a powerful affective resonance on man. If we have a look at the specialized statistics, it is impossible not to feel that thrill in front of danger. Information such as: “four out of 10 persons are suffering from cancer”; “the prognosis in terms […]

A healthy lifestyle for the prevention of the appearance of cancer

Modern medicine asserts that cancer cells are present in the human body, the disease being able to be triggered only in certain conditions. The human body has the capacity to defend against these cells under the conditions of maintaining or bringing it back to the initial equilibrium. We briefly outline few simple ways for the […]

The psychological support of the people suffering from cancer

The diagnostic of cancer, once you become aware of its existence (under the direct implications in the modification of the state of health of the patient) and assumed (under the identification and acceptance of the therapeutic protocol) becomes for the patient the representation of a new lifestyle. It is a “permanent crisis” that the patient […]